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Social Protection in Asia is a pioneering programme in research, advocacy and network building that aims to create a regional voice and develop a research base for advocating innovative and informed policy on Social Protection issues. It targets overcoming barriers to the extension of Social Protection to poor and marginalized groups in Asia and at identifying and promoting innovative forms of social protection which contribute to sustainable poverty reduction and development.
Social Protection in South East Asia: Emerging Issues and Perspectives for Research and Policy

Date: 30 March, 2011

Venue: Hotel Sri Pan Pacific, Jl.M.H. Thamrin, Central Jakarta, Indonesia

Consultative Workshop onSocial Protection and Inclusive Development: Emerging Issues and Perspectives in South Asia

Date: 23 February, 2011

Venue: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Latest Publications

SPA Final Research Papers 2011

Social Protection in Asia: Research Findings and Policy Lessons Programme Synthesis Report

Social Protection in Asia: Research Findings and Policy Lessons Programme Synthesis Report (in Chinese)

What Works for the Poorest?: Poverty Reduction Programmes for the World's Extreme Poor
Members of the Centre for Social Protection, IDS and Social Protection in Asia have contributed to this new book edited by David Lawson et al and published by Practical Action (2010)

People's Social Protection Agenda - Towards Social Protection for All - Compiled by the Center for Labor Justice, University of the Philippines School of Labor and Industrial Relations (UP SOLAIR) in co-operation with Homenet Southeast Asia, Homenet Philippines et al

Social Protection as Development Policy: Asian Perspectives by Naila Kabeer and Sarah Cook has now been published by Routledge New Delhi.

Barriers to the Extension of Social Protection: Evidence from Asia
- a special edition of the IDS Bulletin, with contributions from SPA project researchers and directors, was published on 1 July 2010.

Rights, Responsibilities and Social Protection. the Dynamics of Supply and Demand: an issues paper - Julie Gaunt and Naila Kabeer.

Towards Gender Equality in China’s Economic and Social Transformation: The Rise in Informal Employment and its Impact on Women During China’s Economic Transition - Sarah Cook with Quheng Deng, Meiyan Wang and Ni Yuan (2009) – The report details the gender consequences of China’s economic transition through an investigation of the changing patterns of employment and their impacts on women. In particular, the extent to which changes in China’s urban labour market have led to a rise in ‘informal’ employment, and its implications for different groups are explored.

Social Protection and Poverty - UNRISD paper by Armando Barrientos - The paper seeks to provide an overview of social protection, and to provide an assessment of its potential contribution to addressing poverty and vulnerability in developing countries.

Social Security for China’s Migrant Workers – Providing for Old Age - Paper by Andrew Watson - The article explores how the current social security system in China, based on household registration, discriminates against migrant workers because of their mobility and the lack of mechanisms to transfer benefits between pools. Faced with this challenge, China’s government has begun to introduce policy reforms to improve social security for migrants. This article explores this development through a focus on old-age insurance. It analyses the special needs of migrants, the obstacles facing policy development and the proposed solutions.

HomeNet Thailand Policy Briefs on Social Security, Health Insurance and Legal Protections

The briefs discuss the country experiences of Thailand in extending social security cover to informal workers, increasing effectiveness of universal health coverage schemes, especially for informal workers’ health problems and also ongoing advocacy for a Homeworker Protection Act in Thailand.

Social Security
Home Based Workers

SPA Working Papers
Preliminary research findings from the Social Protection in Asia Programme

Policy briefs from Homenet Philippines on Health Insurance, Social Security, Occupational Health and Safety and Social Protection

IDS In Focus Issue 1 - Social Protection through a Livelihoods Lens


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